On My Way (Alan Walker)

Artist: Alan Walker ft. Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko
Release: 2019
Tempo: 91 BPM
Key: C#m
Details: A new song from Alan Walker. From the first time I heard the song I’m very sure that he was. The song also has a resemblance with Ignite. I don’t know why my mind hanging on that song while I’m working with On My Way.

This song is actually for PUBG as but what I also don’t get it is why my mind is on Fortnite while I’m in to this song. No joke but for me I really thought that it was for Fornite. Maybe the design of bluish pink-violet on the video made thought of that game.

For those who are going to play this song in acoustic or using their guitar. I recommend to listen first to the song carefully because how the you are going to change from chord to chord is bit difficult. It has fast timing especially on Spanish that is difficult from some people to understand. So for me it would be easier for you to understand that song if you are going to listen to it carefully. Don’t worry too much with the lyrics, if you can master the timing, everything will come flawlessly regardless of understanding the meaning of verse 2 or not.

As for instance on the Hook part. To be honest I found it difficult to work with since it has two melodies playing simultaneously. So instead of knowing the exact chord alignment based on lyrics, I decided to just put the chord progress and play it for the entire part. Just like what I’ve said above, all you have to do is to understand timing and regardless of lyrics, everything will come to your mind easily.

Overall, this song is awesome and a good addition to Alan Walker’s collection. The song is perfectly for game. Actually for me, most of Walker’s songs are good music background for streaming video games or vlogging game related content.

Verse 1 (Sabrina)
I’m sorry but
B                           C#m
Don’t wanna talk
                A                              E
I need a moment before I go
       B             C#m     A
It’s nothing personal
I draw the blinds
B                                              C#m
They don’t need to see me cry
A                                               E
‘Cause even if they understand
           B                      C#m – A
They don’t understand

So then when I’m finished

I’m all ’bout my business
         B                              G#m
And ready to save the world
I’m taking my misery

Make it my bitch
Can’t be everyone’s favorite girl

Chorus (Sabrina)
      C#m                G#m
So take aim and fire away
        A                        E
I’ve never been so wide awake
F#m                     C#m                      G#m
No, nobody but me can keep me safe
And I’m on my way
        C#m                   G#m
The blood moon is on the rise
        A                     E
The fire burning in my eyes
F#m                     C#m                      G#m
No, nobody but me can keep me safe

And I’m on my way

C#m-G#m-A-E-F#m-C#m-B-C#m x2

Verse 2 (Farruko)

                            E   -B              C#m
Lo siento mucho  , pero me voy
A                    E                       B                        E
Porque a tu lado me di cuenta que nada soy
A                               E                           B
Y me cansé de luchar y de guerrear en vano
                                                C#m                      A
De estar en la línea de fuego y de meter la mano
                                E                                     B
Acepto mis errore’, también soy humano
                     C#m                                A
Y tú no ve’ que lo hago porque te amo (Pum-pum-pum-pum)

          A                                                          B
Pero ya no tengo más na’ que hacer aquí
G#m                                         A
Me voy, llegó la hora ‘e partir (Partir)
De mi propio camino, seguir lejos de ti

*Repeat Chorus

Hook (A-E-F#m-C#m-G#m-C#m-G#m)

Everybody, everybody keep me safe
Everybody, everybody keep me safe
Everybody, everybody keep me safe
Everybody, everybody keep me safe
Everybody, everybody on my way

*Repeat Chorus

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