People – 2019 Hillsong Album

People is Hillsong’s 2019 Album that focus on awaking churches and individuals to the reality that Jesus redeemed and called to be part of the story of God. From the album cover it tells about several people, different people around the world that united as as one. As most of their songs talks about inspiring everyone throughout the difficulty of life into unity with God and with church as one.

The album also speaks about the reality being people, we are all flawed but that is not the end of the story, because God’s love poured in our life and bring the best of it, all we have to do is to accept it, accept His Son Jesus Christ and together be united again as pure.

As for the song included in this album, some of it already been released since 2018 and the first quarter of 2019 such as Whole Heart, Another in the Fire, Good Grace etc. From there we already have hint that this album is another powerful and inspiring collections from Hillsong.

To complete the list here are the songs that will be included in People Album:

TitleWriterWorship LeaderLength
Ready or Not
Here's to the One
Might Sound Wild
Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
As You Find Me
Starts and Ends
Highlands (Song of Ascent)
Holy Ground
Another in the Fire
Good Grace
Echoes (Til We See the Other Side)

The album will be officially released on April 26, 2019 until then we can complete the list in their album together with song’s lyrics and chords.

Open Heaven / River Wild – 2015 Hillsong Album

This is the 24th live album from Hillsong Worship that has been released on October 16, 2015 under Hillsong Music, Capitol, Christian Music Group and Sparrow Records.

The album was recorded during their 2015 conference at Sydney  SuperDome from June 29 to July 3 2015.

In this album the classic vocalist of Hillsong returns including Reuben Morgan and Marty Sampson.

The album consists of 12 tracks plus 4 tracks for digital deluxe edition from their sister band Hillsong United and Hillsong Young & Free.

TitleWriterWorship LeaderLength
O Praise The Name (Anastasis)Benjamin Hastings, Marty Sampson, Dean UssherMarty Sampson5:29
Love On The LineBrooke Ligertwood, Scott Ligertwood, Aryel MurphyAryel Murphy4:56
One ThingJoel Houston, Aodhan King, Dylan ThomasAodhan King6:13
Open Heaven (River Wild)Matt Crocker, Marty SampsonMatt Crocker, Hannah Hobbs7:29
TransfigurationAodhan King, Brooke Ligertwood, Scott Ligertwood, Taya SmithTaya Smith5:36
What A SaviourChris Davenport, Joel HoustonJoel Houston6:57
Heart Like HeavenMatt Crocker, Joel HoustonJad Gillies7:28
Jesus I Need YouBrooke Ligertwood, Scott Ligertwood, Reuben Morgan, Jarred RogersDavid Ware, Reuben Morgan4:59
Here With YouJOshua Grimmett, Johannes Shore, Jamie SnellTarryn Stokes4:20
In God We TrustBen Fielding, Reuben Morgan, Eric LiljeroAnnie Garratt, Ben Fielding4:01
FaithfulnessChris DavenportChris Davenport5:38
Never ForsakenChris Hastings, Hannah HobbsLaura Toggs4:36
Here Now (Madness)Michael Guy Chislett, Joel HoustonJoel Houston, Jad Gillies, Taya Smith6:55
RuleMatt Crocker, Joel Houston, Benjamin TennikoffJonathon Douglass4:13
This Is LivingJoel Davies, Aodhan KingAodhan King3:34
Pursue / All I Need Is YouHannah Hobbs, Aodhan King / Marty SampsonAodhan King, Tracy Pratt7:43


III – 2018 Hillsong Album

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Hillsong band representing Hillsong church. It is because the difference of music they want to share. Going back on how we acknowledge Hillsong Band as a contemporary christian music lead by Darlene Zschech you will say that what we are listening today is a totally different Hillsong. To make a difference from the brand and the music they are playing, they divided it into three (I don’t know if there more Hillsong band but this three are the most popular) such as Hillsong United, Hillsong Worship and Hillsong Young and Free. Among the three what signifies the original Hillsong is the Hillsong Worship or Hillsong Live before. This year they also released an album entitled There Is More. While Hillsong Young and Free is focus on disco based music or EDM. For me they are like Planetshakers and Soulfire Revolution. Though different Hillsong brand, one thing is for sure, Joel Houston, the son of senior and founding pastor of Hillsong Megachurch, is present on the three brand as main songwriter and lead vocals. Continue reading III – 2018 Hillsong Album

Empires – 2015 Hillsong Album

This is the fourth studio album from Hillsong United which has been released on May 26, 2015 under Hillsong Music, Capitol Christian Music Group, and Sparrow Records. Before the entire album released, on March 12, 2015, they launched the cover of Empires and promote the album with their hit single, “Touch The Sky” which has been aired on Today Show.

The album is consists of 12 tracks and received several top chart ranking from US, UK, Australia, Norway and etc.

TitleWriterWorship LeaderLength
Here Now (Madness)Joel Houston, Michael Guy ChislettJad Gillies7:22
Say the WordJoel HoustonTaya Smith4:24
Heart Like HeavenMatt Crocker, Joel HoustonJad Gillies6:29
Touch the SkyJoel Houston, Dylan Thomas, Guy ChislettTaya Smith4:22
Street Called MercyMatt Crocker, Joel HoustonJonathon Douglass, Taya Smith, Matt Crocker4:21
When I Lost My Heart to You (Hallelujah)Joel HoustonJoel Houston4:45
Even When It Hurts (Praise Song)Joel HoustonTaya Smith6:18
Prince of PeaceDylan, Thomas, Joel Houston, Matt CrockerJoel Houston, Jad Gillies5:56
EmpiresJoel Houston, Dylan Thomas, Chris Davenport, Ben TennikoffJad Gillies8:14
RuleMatt Crocker, Joel Houston, Ben TennikoffMatt Crocker4:12
CaptainBenjamin Hastings, Seth SimmonsTaya Smith5:31
Closer Than You KnowJoel Houston, Matt Crocker, Guy ChislettJoel Houston, Taya Smith9:30

In the album, what touched me most is the song “Even When It Hurts” It reflects my views in Christianity as well as it is really moving to listen on how Taya Smith sung this song. Though we can’t say that this song is better than the other since every worship songs or every songs praises or by any means that worship God is the best thing we can do in this world, maybe it is only me that I really like the song from lyrics and melody.

Even I’m working now with the newest album from Hillsong Young & Free, still got stuck on Even When It Hurts and still listening right now.

Closer Than You Know is also a catchy song. Actually I wrote this after I’ve done with all the song.Then I just remember a song from the album that I remember despite of listening dozens of songs everyday. If I can still remember it, it is great for me or satisfied my taste in music. In this album, what I said, Even When It Hurts and Closer Than You Know. Though I’m listening in random without knowing every title of the song currently playing, these two tracks still in the back of my mind.

Youth Revival – 2016 Hillsong Album

This is the second live album from Hillsong Young & Free. Hillsong Music Australia together with Sparrow Records label successfully released the album on February 26, 2016. December 6, 2016 when it was announced that Youth Revival would be nominated for a Grammy Award with their album in best contemporary christian music album category. Youth Revival debuted at No. 1 on Billboard Praise & Worship Chart.

The first song in the album, Where You Are offers enough familiarity for those who are already listening to Hillsong. Though the major difference between Hillsong Young & Free to Hillsong United and Worship is the excessive usage of EDM, they started it with the song that everyone can relate with their brand. In the next few songs,  Y&F made their own genre with more bouncy groove. You can also hear the addition of drums that gives the track more of funky feel which most new generation listeners want to experience.

TitleWriterWorship LeaderLength
Where You AreAodhan King, Michael Fatkin, Benjamin Hastings, Alexander PappasAodhan King3:26
Real LoveMichael Fatkin, Hannah Hobbs, Alexander PappasAlexander Pappas3:47
Only Wanna SingMichael Fatkin, Aodhan King, Ben TanAodhan King3:15
Face To FaceMichael Fatkin, Hanna Hobbs, Laura ToggsLaura Toggs5:10
To My KneesJoel Davies, Aodhan KingAodhan King7:53
TrustAodhan King, Ben Tan, Melodie WagnerMelodie Wagner, Tyler Douglass4:50
Never AloneTracy Pratt, Ben TanTracy Pratt4:37
When The Fight CallsMichael Fatkin, Aodhan King, Scott Ligertwood, Melodie WagnerAlexander Pappas4:45
Falling Into YouBenjamin Hastings, Aodhan King, Tracy Pratt, Cameron Robertson, Ben TanMelodie Wagner3:07
This is LivingJoel Davies, Aodhan KingAodhan King3:33
In your EyesBenjamin Hastings, Ben TanRenee Sieff3:33
PassionAodhan King, BEde Benjamin-Korporaal, Ben Tan, Laura Toggs3:38
Where You Are (Radio Version)Aodhan King, Michael Fatkin, Benjamin Hastings, Alexander PappasAodhan King3:27

As for me working in this album in terms of figuring out chords and sharing to my viewers/readers, I found it hard to listen on EDM in getting the specific chords. I did my best but if you found some error, please let me know so I can fix it for my other readers in the future. Thanks in advance.

Let There Be Light – 2016 Hillsong Album

This is the 25th live album from Hillsong Worship which lead by numerous worship pastors from Hillsong Church including Joel Houston, Reuben Morgan, Marty Sampson, Taya Smith, Annie Garratt, Brooke Ligertwood, Dave Ware, and Ben Fielding. Most songs from the album is taken during the 2016 Hillsong Conference at the Qudos Bank Arena from July 4 to 7 2016. The album released on October 14, 2016 under Hillsong Music, Sparrow Records and Capitol Christian Music Group.

Before the full album been released, in March 2016, Grace To Grace already been released and served as a single for Easter.

According to Ben Fielding one of major composers of the album, in this album they’ve been intentionally writing songs that will translate across the Church globally. He added that the collaborations have been more through relationship this year. They wrote the songs with the help of different people across different campuses in countries. It came like each composition is representing their own congregation’s unique sound but still working together to complete the album.

The album’s title is taken from Genesis 1:3. Rich Langton said that Jesus is the light of the world and they want to carry that too.

The album consists of 12 original tracks and 5 additional tracks for the digital deluxe version.

TitleWriterWorship LeaderLength
Behold (Then Sings My Soul)Joel HoustonJoel Houston, Brooke Ligertwood6:46
Love So GreatLove So GreatJamie Snell, Joshua Grimmett, Reuben MorganDavid Ware5:19
Look To The SonJoel Houston, Matt Crocker, Scott Ligertwood, Reuben Morgan, Marty Sampson, Jonathan Douglass4:36
CrownsMichael Fatkin, Benjamin Hastings, Scott GroomBenjamin Hastings4:57
What A Beautiful NameBrooke Ligertwood, Ben FieldingBrooke Ligertwood5:41
Your WordChris DavenportJad Gillies7:00
Let There Be LightMichael Guy Chislett, Joel Houston, Brooke Ligertwood, Scott Ligertwood, Matt CrockerMatt Crocker7:31
In ControlBen Fielding, Aodhan KingBen Fielding5:07
Grace To GraceJoel Houston, Marty Sampson, DavenportTaya Smith7:06
ElohimMarty SampsonMarty Sampson4:29
I Will Boast In ChristScott Ligertwood, Reuben MorganReuben Morgan, Annie Garratt4:52
As It Is (In Heaven)Joel Houston, Ben FieldingJoel Houston8:39
What A Beautiful Name (Acoustic)Brooke Ligertwood4:14
What A Beautiful Name (Acoustic)Brooke Ligertwood4:14
In Control (Acoustic)Ben Fielding4:31
I Will Boast In Christ (Acoustic)Brooke Ligertwood, Reuben Morgan5:15
Elohim (Acoustic)Marty Sampson6:48
Behold New RoadsBrian Houston19:57

In this album, Brooke Fraser Ligertwood return as the worship leader and one of the primary composer for the worship team since the 2010 album, A Beautiful Exchange. Aside from Brooke, this is also a return for Marty Sampson known to be one of the most prominent composer and worship leader of the band from their early years. In this album he wrote and lead two songs. Aside from the returning members of Hillsong, there are several main stay members contributed such as Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, Taya Smith, and Ben Fielding.

Wonder – 2017 Hillsong Album

This is the fifth studio album from Hillsong United that been released on June 2017 under Hillsong Music and Sparrow Records.

According to Joel Houston he felt that the album’s title and themes is about a wonder in both faith and worship. He added that this is a challenge and this is what actually worship in both expression of art, music and story. And for us to empower the conversation through worship, we need to re-awaken the soul to something that will lift their eyes to wonder of truth.

The album was debuted live during the Hillsong United’s concert in Caeserea, Israel which was recorded in a live video and released on May 24, 2017.

TitleWriterWorship LeaderLength
WonderJoel Houston, Matt CrockerMatt Crocker, Taya Smith4:54
Shadow SteppJoel Houston, Michael Guy ChislettTaya Smith5:34
Future Marches InJoel Houston, Matt CrockerMatt Crocker5:42
So Will I (100 Billion X)Joel Houston, Michael Guy, Benjamin Hastings, Michael Fatkin HoustonBenjamin Hastings, Taya Smith6:51
Splinters and StonesJoel Houston, Michael Guy ChislettJoel Houston, Taya Smith4:32
Glimmer In The DustAodhan King, Benjamin Hastings, Joel Houston, Dylan ThomasTaya Smith, Joel Houston, Jad Gillies7:44
Greatest of TheseBenjamin Hastings, Michael Fatkin, Joel HoustonJoel Houston, Brooke Ligertwood3:59
Shape Of Your HeartJoel Houston, Matt CrockerMatt Crocker5:02
Not TodayJoel Houston, Matt CrockerTaya Smith4:13
LifeJoel Houston, Matt Crocker, Michael ChislettJonathon Douglass, Michelle Cook6:08
Rain / ReignJoel Houston, Matt CrockerJad Gillies, Courney Tennikoff6:34
Water To WineJoel HoustonJoel Houston, Taya Smith, Jad Gillies9:47

Just like what we are expecting in most of Hillsong’s album it has a good collection of christian songs. At first you will only recognize few songs as your favorite but if you are going to play the entire album over and over, you will like all songs on their list.

Most songs from the album talks about being not afraid as well as God’s love. I really like Greatest of These, Water To Wine, and So Will I.

There Is More – 2018 Hillsong Album

This is the 26th album from Hillsong Worship which is going to release on April 8, 2018. Featuring 12 songs of journey knowing who we are in God and know who God is to us. The album is asking for more of God in the world full of problems and distress. God give us hope telling us everyday that there is something more, more that we can ever imagine and dream of.

The album is based on the story of Jacob in Genesis 32 wherein he wrestles with God through the night where he was given a new name, a new purpose. Every song in the album sings of the different journey of encountering God will recreates us into something more.

Sometimes it is hard for us to accept things we lose. We become hopeless believing that that is the only thing we can go. We forgot that God is God of more. He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us through his spirit.

The album also features a new version of Hillsong United’s So Will I (100 Billion X) from their album wonder.

Continue reading There Is More – 2018 Hillsong Album