Only Takes A Moment (Cory Asbury)

Artist: Cory Asbury
Words and Music: Cory Asbury, Jason Ingram & Paul Mabury
Album: Reckless Love
Release: 2018
Tempo: 134 beats per minutes
Key: E
Details: I figured out the chords in this song through bass guitar. The song has good groove which I enjoyed a lot playing the bass line. It has also fast chord progress that will be challenging to play on acoustic guitar. But overall the song is easy to play as it has only 4 chords and almost the same progression of E-F#-G#m-B.

The song is about declaration of what God can do. And everything including our brokenness and hopelessness can be fixed and it only takes a moment. We must believe that God can do everything and this is in an instant. But how lovely to think about that it is only takes a moment for Him to do everything and yet He  sent His Son as sacrifice for all of us.

If there are times we think of losing hope, let us remember that He can do everything as what the song talks about – everything. If He surrendered His Son for us, I’m very sure that there is nothing impossible for Him to do for us.

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