On My Way (Alan Walker)

Artist: Alan Walker ft. Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko
Release: 2019
Tempo: 91 BPM
Key: C#m
Details: A new song from Alan Walker. From the first time I heard the song I’m very sure that he was. The song also has a resemblance with Ignite. I don’t know why my mind hanging on that song while I’m working with On My Way.

This song is actually for PUBG as but what I also don’t get it is why my mind is on Fortnite while I’m in to this song. No joke but for me I really thought that it was for Fornite. Maybe the design of bluish pink-violet on the video made thought of that game.

For those who are going to play this song in acoustic or using their guitar. I recommend to listen first to the song carefully because how the you are going to change from chord to chord is bit difficult. It has fast timing especially on Spanish that is difficult from some people to understand. So for me it would be easier for you to understand that song if you are going to listen to it carefully. Don’t worry too much with the lyrics, if you can master the timing, everything will come flawlessly regardless of understanding the meaning of verse 2 or not.

As for instance on the Hook part. To be honest I found it difficult to work with since it has two melodies playing simultaneously. So instead of knowing the exact chord alignment based on lyrics, I decided to just put the chord progress and play it for the entire part. Just like what I’ve said above, all you have to do is to understand timing and regardless of lyrics, everything will come to your mind easily.

Overall, this song is awesome and a good addition to Alan Walker’s collection. The song is perfectly for game. Actually for me, most of Walker’s songs are good music background for streaming video games or vlogging game related content. Continue reading On My Way (Alan Walker)

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One Thing (Hillsong)

Artist: Hillsong Worship
Words and Music: Joel Houston, Aodhan King, Dylan Thomas
Album: Open Heaven / River Wild
Release: 2015
Tempo: 64 beats per minute
Key: C
Details: With all our desire as human. All the fame, money and everything we ever wanted, in the end there is only one thing that matters, spending our eternity with God and this is through Jesus Christ who is the only the way, the truth and the life. Continue reading One Thing (Hillsong)

Open Heaven (River Wild) by Hillsong

Artist: Hillsong Worship
Words and Music: Matt Crocker, Marty Sampson
Album: Open Heaven / River Wild
Release: 2015
Tempo: 70 beats per minute
Key: F
Details: This is where they got the title of the album. The song is about asking God for His blessing to pour out from heaven like how the rain touches the soil. Sometimes in the cycle of life we get drought, our spirit faint like we are so far away from God. This is the best time for us to sing this song asking for God to once again, like He is always doing, come down to us and bless us with His grace. Renew us with His love. And restore the faith so again we will worship him in endless praise. Continue reading Open Heaven (River Wild) by Hillsong

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O Praise The Name (Hillsong)

Artist: Hillsong Worship
Words and Music: Benjamin Hastings, Marty Sampson, Dean Ussher
Album: Open Heaven / River Wild
Release: 2015
Tempo: 73 beats per minute
Key: C
Details: A very powerful song to introduce the entire album of Open Heaven / River Wild. I don’t know but every time I listen to this song, Chris Tomlin’s Amazing Grace recall on my mind.

Maybe the lyrics about salvation that Jesus gave to us when He sacrificed Himself to calvary.

The song also tells about praising him forever. I remember there is a pastor told me about in our second life, we will praise the lord eternally as this our lives in earth is a training ground for us in praising the lord.

I think the song tells the same story of praising the Lord and when He returns we will about to praise him forevermore. Continue reading O Praise The Name (Hillsong)

Only Wanna Sing (Hillsong)

Artist: Hillsong Young & Free
Words and Music: Ben Tan,  Aodhan King, Michael Fatkin,
Album: Youth Revival
Release: 2016
Tempo: 130 beats per minute
Key: C
Details: The easiest song to play from this album. It has only four chords that you are going to play throughout two verses and one chorus. It has also a catchy melody which makes it easier for you to memorize the song.

The first two songs from this album really challenged me in figuring chords. It also made me to think of skipping this album since I still have tons of song to do. But this song made to stay and convinced me that I’m going find new and cool song from this album.  Continue reading Only Wanna Sing (Hillsong)

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Only Takes A Moment (Cory Asbury)

Artist: Cory Asbury
Words and Music: Cory Asbury, Jason Ingram & Paul Mabury
Album: Reckless Love
Release: 2018
Tempo: 134 beats per minute
Key: E
Details: I figured out the chords in this song through bass guitar. The song has good groove which I enjoyed a lot playing the bass line. It has also fast chord progress that will be challenging to play on acoustic guitar. But overall the song is easy to play as it has only 4 chords and almost the same progression of E-F#-G#m-B.

The song is about declaration of what God can do. And everything including our brokenness and hopelessness can be fixed and it only takes a moment. We must believe that God can do everything and this is in an instant. But how lovely to think about that it is only takes a moment for Him to do everything and yet He  sent His Son as sacrifice for all of us.

If there are times we think of losing hope, let us remember that He can do everything as what the song talks about – everything. If He surrendered His Son for us, I’m very sure that there is nothing impossible for Him to do for us.

Continue reading Only Takes A Moment (Cory Asbury)