Broken Vessels (Hillsong)

Artist: Hillsong Worship
Words and Music: Joel Houston, Jonas Myrin
Album: No Other Name
Release: 2014
Tempo: 143 beats per minute
Key: D
Details: Personally this is my favorite song in the album. Based from John Newton’s Amazing Grace, broken vessels gave us a new perspective of being saved through the unending love of God.

From this I Believe that it doesn’t matter if we believe in God because He believe on us. And He will find a way for us to believe even in the most unexpected situation.

Em-G-Em-G x2

Verse 1
All these pieces broken and scattered
                    Em                                 G
In mercy gathered mended and whole
             Em                        G
Empty handed but not forsaken
                   D                           Em        D
I’ve been set free I’ve been set free

Chorus 1
C                            D
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
            Em                             C
That saved a wretch like me
     C                            D
I once was lost but now I’m found
           Em                        C
Was blind but now I see

Chorus 2
                                 G    -D
Oh I can see you now
                               Em                C
Oh I can see the love in Your eyes
                              G      -D
Laying yourself down
                           Em              C
Raising up the broken to life


Verse 2
                        Em                               G
You take our failure You take our weakness
                        Em                           G
You set Your treasure in jars of clay
                        Em                                   G
So take this heart, Lord I’ll be Your vessel
                      D                            Em-D
The world to see Your life in me

*Repeat Chorus 1
*Repeat Chorus 2


*Repeat Chorus 1
*Repeat Chorus 2


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