Rule (Hillsong)

Artist: Hillsong United
Words and Music: Joel Houston
Album: Empires
Release: 2015
Tempo: 133 beats per minute
Key: D
Details: When we accept God as our King he must be the ruler of our life. So simple yet this is the most difficult part for Christian to follow, following the will of God and live as He is the ruler of it.

As human we have ego, we have our own plan, we have our own pride and it is difficult for us to surrender it all. Actually God really knows that it will be hard for us as we have our own thoughts that is why He gave us the precious and risky gift, our free will. Because of love, because He believe on us that we can live our lives for His glory for his will and at the end of the day He will be the rule. 

Bm-G-D x2

             Bm                  G               D
Be the crown in the light and sound
             Bm                G          D
Be the fire burning inside out
             Bm                G          D
Be the love casting out all fear
                 Bm                    G                D
Let Your name rule the atmosphere

Verse 1
Bm                  G              D
Love like the skies are wide
Bm                                            G               D
Crashing down to bring the world to life
Bm                                          G          D
Hope came dancing on an empty grave
                   Bm                           G           D
Death has lost its rule to the King of grace

*Repeat Chorus
Bm-G-D x2

               Bm      G       D
And we owe it all to Jesus
               Bm        G         D
Sin and all the shame deleted
                     Bm         G
Death and all these chains defeated
               Bm          G       D
And the light we see is Jesus
               Bm          G              D
And the air we breathe is freedom
                Bm          G                D
And the sound, it knows no fear
Your love rules the atmosphere
Bm-G-D      Bm-G-D
(Ooooh)     (Ooooh)
Your love rules the atmosphere

*Repeat chorus

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