Touch of Heaven (Hillsong)

Artist: Hillsong Worship
Words and Music: Michael Fatkin / Hannah Hobbs / Aodhán King
Album: There Is More
Release: 2018
Tempo: 68 beats per minute
Key: D
Details: What this song means? What “touch of heaven means?

The closest verse we can get in the Bible is taken from the book of Mathew chapter 6 verse 9-10, where Jesus told his disciples to pray, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

The verse is about asking God and His kingdom to come. This mean a lot to us as Christian including the will of God, His blessings, and His salvation which we can acquire through Jesus. So we can say that Jesus is a touch of heaven who God sent to us so we can feel His love from of all his perfection. Without Jesus, it will be difficult to understand everything on what heaven means to us as we are bounded to earth.

When it comes to the song, Hillsong wants us to tell that for us to feel the touch of heaven we need to listen despite of world’s distraction. We need to open our heart so Jesus have the way in our lives – a surrender.

The song is easy to play. I only added some chords that you can see inside parenthesis as this is how I interpret the way Hillsong play it. But as for major chords, you can just play it with D-F#m-A-E progression for verse and D-E-F#m-A for chorus.

Tuning: Standard
Difficulty: Easy
Capo: No

Verse 1
D                                                   F#m
How I live for the moments
–                                                          A
Where I’m still in Your presence
–                                         E
All the noise dies down
–                        (C#m)    D
Lord speak to me now
–                                             F#m
You have all my attention
–                                       A
I will linger and listen
–                                 E
I can’t miss a thing

           (C#m)        D
Lord I know my heart wants more of You
–      F#m
My heart wants something new
       A                     E
So I surrender all

(C#m)           D                                              E
All           I      want is to live within Your love
–                                               F#m
Be undone by who You are
–                           C#m
My desire is to know You deeper
D                                            E
Lord I will open up again
–                                                   F#m
Throw my fears into the wind
–                                     A
I am desperate for a touch of heaven


Verse 2
D                                                  F#m
You’re the fire in the morning
–                                                     A
You’re the cool in the evening
–                                       E
The breath in my soul
–                    (C#m)     -D
The life in my bones
–                                      F#m
There is no hesitation
–                                             A
In Your love and affection
–                                      E
It’s the sweetest of all

*Repeat Pre-Chorus
*Repeat Chorus

                         D                    E
I open up my heart to You
–                         F#m                        C#m
I open up my heart to You now
–                             D            E
So do what only You can
–                   F#m                               A
Jesus have Your way in me now

D-E-F#m-A (x2)

*Repeat Chorus


*Repeat Chorus

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