Nadarang (Shanti Dope) [Agsunta ft. JRoa Rock Version]

Artist: Agsunta ft. John Roa
Words and Music: Sean Patrick Ramos / Lester Paul Mendoza Vano
Album: Materyal
Release: 2017
Tempo: 118 beat per minute
Details: Together with Sean Patrick Ramos, Lester Paul Mendonza Vano also known as Klumcee wrote the song. Klumcee is widely known from working with Francis M., Gloc9, Loonie, and producing top hit songs such as Tao Lang, ATAT, Ulap etc.

Nadarang from the root word “darang” means get dried from the heat of fire.

Shanti Dope said in MYXclusive interview during the official music video launch that the song Nadarang was written on the spot. It was started when Klumcee gave him a good beat until they got hooked and record it to studio.

Nadarang reached number one spot on Spotify PH’s Top 50 Viral Chart in less than a week after Materyal EP release.

Official music video released on February 13, 2018. Currently it has more than 7 million views.

This chords are based from Agsunta ft. John Roa rock version. Technically this is different from the original version or any other chords that you can copy from the web. At first I thought that the song is difficult to play as it is rap or maybe the way I follow chords from other website.

So I have decided to listen to the song and play it by ear where I realized that the rendition of Agsunta has 4 chords only throughout the song. Simple yet still better as the song is good to play in rock actually. Maybe it just me while all the respect are for Klumcee and Shanti Dope but the way I listen to the song, the rock version or the way how Agsunta play is still better.

So if you want to play Nadarang like how Agsunta covered it, you can use the chords below.

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