Good Grace (Hillsong)

Artist: Hillsong United
Words and Music:  Joel Houston
Album: People
Release: 2019
Details: This song has been released on 2018 but actually this would be part of their upcoming album for this year, People. As I worked with the chords, I can’t avoid being confused this song’s melody with With Everything.  I don’t know but it has a huge resemblance for me that leads me to confusion. Maybe, it’s because both songs are from Joel Houston.

As for the song difficulty, at first, it might get difficult for you how the chord will progress from A-Asus-A but if you are going to listen to the song carefully you will notice how chords change from A then going to Asus and the then back again to A.

Also I want to stress out with the instrumental part. I suggest to just feel the song and not to follow the exact chord alignment from the chanting part that even me took it hard to follow. So instead just know the chord pattern and play it with your feel with the timing on when you should change your chord.

I want you also get reminded that there are several versions of the song you can find online. And since I wrote this before the release of their full album, I based this song from their first released or known to be the live version taken last year. In case that there will be changes later on once they made a new version for the album, please be guided carefully that there will be changes on how the song progress from verse to chorus and so on. This also works on acoustic version of the song. So always be guided since Hillsong are releasing more than a single version which made a difference.

Overall, just like their other songs, the chord progression are still the same. Sometimes there will be a key differences but how you can play the song is still the same. Continue reading Good Grace (Hillsong)